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10-Dec-2017 02:58

Google holds this in high regard when trying to match search inquiries with useful and relevant information.Have you ever visited a website that’s copyright is 2014 and the latest blog post is years old as well?Does it make you wonder if they’re still in business, or if they still service your area?Having outdated content on your site, mentioning things like an old location of your business or not-modern technology, can be perceived by your potential customers that your business doesn’t keep up with the latest trends.We hear all too often about large companies that get hacked, compromising information such as credit card or social security numbers of their clients.This leads to a lack of trust and also hurts the business – clients may choose to go to their competitors in fear that their information might be compromised again.You want to be sure that you put your best foot forward when seeking out new clients, and keeping your website up to date is one of the most important things you can do for this.

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Ideally, they will do so daily, so if there is a breach or an issue that takes your website down, they can quickly restore to the working version from the previous day.Many businesses focus only on content and internet marketing but fail to address the design and navigation of their website.

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