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Their conversation is hilarious, and I cannot even do it justice by trying to narrate it, so I will just transcribe it below. “ Ray: “I could hardly stop thinking about you since the night we met.You’re the strangest person; you’re just so raw and open. Tonight.” Shoshanna: “Fine…just stay out of my emotional way.” And just like that, they very matter of factly decide to sleep together.Holding onto toxic relationships is what keeps us from growing.You’re forming every time you shed a layer, getting closer to yourself.” Then he offers to move in with her, which throws Hannah for a loop.She mopes around the wedding, leaning against different walls.Ray notices her and asks if everything is okay, pushing her to open up.Then they just go with it and start dancing, much like the way Jessa lives her life—never stopping to reflect, just pushing forward and winging it. I think Jessa realized she was right and got scared, rushing towards anything that would provide her comfort and a sense of security…and apparently that was Thomas-John.

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Not only did I find you very creepy, I found you also really boring.Thomas-John’s portly friend pronounces them man and wife, by “the power vested in me, by a website that I found on the internet.” The happy couple kisses and weird rap music starts playing.It’s clear the audience is too confused and stunned by the makeshift wedding, as they don’t know what to do at first. I’m so gone on this man.” Curious Hannah asks, “Like you feel like a real adult now? Kinda.” The fact that Jessa rushed into a wedding and still does not know what she is doing with her life, leads me to believe her actions are in direct response to Catherine’s speech during the last episode.Meanwhile in the audience, Adam looks close to tears and Hannah asks him if he’s okay.

He responds, “I’m very moved…people finding each other, taking shelter, I’m very moved.” When Hannah points out that Jessa and Thomas-John only met two weeks ago, Adam emotionally says, “Time is a rubber band.” He kisses her hand and Hannah looks confused.

This brings us to the final episode of season 1, and also the end of this blog for now.