Updating intellisense hang

26-Nov-2017 21:32

Also, let’s clear something out: I will only focus on C .

Also, VS 2013 is still very new, so I will talk mostly about my experience with VS 2012.

But the truth is 2012’s is so slow and sluggish that I’d prefer 2008’s inaccuracy and speed over 2012’s accuracy and slowness. And yet again, Visual Studio fails when compared to competition: Qt Creator’s Go to Definition feature works as fast as VC 2008’s and as accurate as VS 2012’s.

Quick review on VS2013 indicates that it has gotten faster when doing read only queries (I can still see the annoying dialog after writing a bit of code), and most importantly, it does put me back to the forward declaration after modifying the definition (but not the other way around). And it solves the refactoring problem by drawing a light bulb on the function’s line when the definitions and declarations don’t match so that you can make them match automatically. The IDE uses 3 times more RAM than Visual C 2008, and its compiler uses 2 to 3 as much RAM.

At a glance, 2013 improves things a little, but not much.

I mainly work with graphics software and low level stuff.

Forms nuget package, which contains the XAML language metadata required to provide intellisense.

We are providing this extension as an early preview and to gather feedback about things that should be improved or don’t work as expected.

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Why would anyone use this horrible behavior you say? Now I look for the file myself (whether through Find in Files, and God only knows how many hits I’ll get; or by looking for the right file); and by the time I reached the forward declaration; I totally forgot the code that was on my mind. The next problem with intellisense is this f***ing dialog: I would love to see the VS dev team to use their own tools on real projects at some point, and not just a few Hello World. Often it takes noticeable time (between 750ms and 2 seconds probably) while VC 2008 was nearly instantaneous (except for a few cases).

As explained in XML vs XAML intellisense section of my blog post, Xamarin 4 ships with an XML-based intellisense for Xamarin. We have worked with Microsoft to make it possible to use the excelent built-in XAML language service instead, which knows about XAML’s specifics, and is driven by metadata provided by the Xamarin. In Visual Studio Update 1, a number of key issues were resolved that make the XAML language service quite usable for Xamarin.

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