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Both are dormitory areas and well-served by train, but far enough out to feel a world away from Paris.Home of the Sun King, Versailles is not cheap: a modern, four-bedroom apartment can cost around EUR 400,000.Quoi de mieux que de se sentir en vacances le temps dun weekend?Ressourcez-vous et passez votre week-end la mer, la campagne ou la montagne.

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The hilltop towns of St-Cloud, Sèvres, Meudon and Ville-d'Avray (92) are surrounded by sprawling, tranquil forests and only 10 minutes into central Paris by train and, outside of the rush hour, less than 30 minutes by car. Houses are exorbitant – you can easily spend over EUR 1.5 million on a large house in St-Cloud for example – but there are tasteful apartment buildings with private parks for around EUR 350,000.