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15-Nov-2017 13:09

e Harmony was created by a clinical psychologist, Dr.

Neil Clark Warren, whose research focused on compatibility among couples.

In addition, the authors point out that the algorithms focus on short-term versus long term, and fails to take into account how partners grow and mature over time or life circumstances that could help or hurt the relationship. Aside from the advertising of dating sites, dating profiles relegate “three-dimensional people” to two-dimensional summations; an argument similar to m00t’s multi-faceted identity argument against Google and Facebook at last years Web 2.0 Summit.

However, online dating has enormous potential to expedite a time-consuming affair, according to the authors.

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Zoosk’s “behavioral matchmaking” targets today’s mobile singles with a robust social media presence that includes Facebook (with more than 12 million “likes”), You Tube, Twitter, smartphone/tablet dating apps, chats and video messenger.Also, the medium offers unprecedented access to large numbers of potential partners.

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