Constitionality of mandating flu shots

01-Jul-2017 16:32

While still low overall, in some schools and areas they are very high. This year and last, we have seen more measles cases than any time since the 1990s.We are also seeing a widespread pertussis epidemic.The 27-year-old actress was spotted jetting into Los Angeles with her model girlfriend, Stella Maxwell.A favourite of Karl Lagerfeld, it’ safe to say that Kristen Stewart’s style is always on point.Tighten school immunization requirements, close the loophole that allows easy opt-outs, and make our schools safer. That is within the state’s constitutional powers, but it’s a powerful intrusion into parental rights, something our system hesitates to do.SB277 chooses the middle ground: preserve parental choice, allow parents to continue not to vaccinate but limit their ability to impose the risk they choose for their own children on that child’s classmates, daycare mates, and the rest of the community. It does not violate parents’ rights to informed consent, a private law right that governs the relationship between the parent and their child’s doctor: absent a court order, the doctor may not vaccinate a child without parental consent.A doctor that does can be liable in torts for battery or negligence.

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Richard Pan, voted for SB 277, which sailed through the California Senate and Assembly, subsequently becoming law.Contrary to the claims in that letter, SB277 is well within our constitutional bounds, does not violate the right to informed consent, and is supported by solid reasons of public policy.

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