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You can override the 70% default by setting the rn Cache Percent Replication Node parameter.

The Replication Node heap can also be specified directly by setting the -Xmx in the Replication Node java Misc Params parameter.

Other than during configuration of an SN, there is normally no need to refer directly to ports in the HA Range, although it is certainly helpful to understand the HA Range when examining Ping results and perusing system log files.

Back to top It is sometimes necessary for deployments to constrain a store to a limited set of ports, usually for security or data center policy reasons.

Oracle No SQL Database Basic Edition (BE) – The full functionality of Oracle No SQL Database* is now included in Oracle Database Enterprise Edition for no extra charge for the software and support.*Integration with Coherence, external tables, Oracle Streams,...

requires Oracle No SQL Database Enterprise Edition to be licensed as listed above.

No SQL DB will then use 85% of memory_mb as the heap for the Replication Node processes hosted by that Storage Node.

If the Storage Node hosts more than one Replication Node, the memory will be divided evenly between all RNs.

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The system administrator must define the following TCP/IP ports for each type of process on each Storage Node (SN).We recommend that you specify the available memory for a Storage Node using the -memory_mb flag for makebootconfig, or the memory_mb Storage Node parameter.